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How to check a DKIM core key record is correct? When you add a new domain to the mail server, you will have to set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC records for that domain. In the serie Install Zimbra Mail Server 8.8.12, I showed you step by step how to set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC for

Install Let’s Encrypt ssl certificate in Zimbra automated. This article, I will guide you step by step to do this. If you don’t know yet, Let’s Encrypt is a free project that provides SSL certificates. This project aims to improve the safety of websites, contributing to making the internet environment safer. Let’s Encrypt’s Certbot installation

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Zimbra 8.8.12. This article, I will guide you to do that. Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS for Zimbra’s webmail may not be difficult, but it is a problem for beginners. Zimbra 8.0 disable HTTP By default, from Zimbra 8.0, it will disable the HTTP service — port 80. But

Zimbra error /opt/zimbra/bin/zmlocalconfig: line 83: exec: java: not found. Why do I encounter this error? And how do I fix this. Let’s read the article. Zimbra java not found error when reinstalling Zimbra As my previous post on how to uninstall Zimbra on your mail server. Just like you, when I first did it, no problem

How to uninstall Zimbra mail server. Installing Zimbra is not too difficult. But during the installation process, you may experience some unexpected errors. Some errors related to dns, some network related errors, some other errors. At times like that, if you have no way to resolve the error, how to do it? Sure, you don’t

Zimbra zimlets failed during installation. This is an error that I myself don’t understand why it happened. In this article, I simply shared my Zimbra installation experience with you. Zimbra zimlets failed during installation Actually, I have installed Zimbra many times. And there was only one time I encountered this problem. What does this error

After you’ve successfully installed the Zimbra mail server, you need to think about protecting it. And the first thing is a firewall. In this article, I will guide you to configure IPTables firewall for Zimbra mail server. Requirements set First, this article only applies to single servers, if you run mail systems with multi servers,

Configure reverse DNS for Zimbra mail server and check Black List In this article, I will show you how to configure DNS reserce for Zimbra mail server and check the black list. Why do we need reverse DNS? At the beginning of this serie, you have configured the DNS record to resolve the mail domain

This article will show you how to configure DMARC for Zimbra mail server 8.8.12. After configuring DKIM, SPF, we will now configure DMARC. Here are 3 essential information to protect your mail server, so you can send mail securely. What is DMARC? According to information from Zimbra, we define DMARC as: DMARC, which stands for

This article, I will guide you how to configure SPF for Zimbra mail server 8.8.12. Next of the article configuring DKIM, we will now continue to configure the SPF. What is an SPF? Right, first, we need to know what SPF is? Why do we need to configure it? According to Zimbra, SPF defines: Sender