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Upgrade to the new version of Certbot Zimbra. This is the content of this article. If you’ve read the previous article that I wrote about how to use Certbot Zimbra to register Let’s Encrypt SSL for the new domain automatically. Tonight, I accidentally discovered that the script is no longer working. Certbot Zimbra 0.7.10 What’s

Let’s Encrypt renew error could not bind to IPv4 or IPv6. If you encounter this error when renewing Let’s Encrypt ssl certificate, maybe this post will help you. This is also an accidental error I encountered when I supported renew for a client server. And of course, the initial Let’s Encrypt installation was not done

Set up Let’s Encrypt Certbot auto renew. This article will guide you to do this. Let’s Encrypt in the past few years is no stranger to website or system administrators. It comes with the Certbot tool, it is very useful and everyone knows that you must use Certbot to renew SSL certificates every 3 months.

How to set up HTTPS for InfluxDB server? You know, in today’s internet environment, data security is very important. Using HTTPS in database will make the data transfer between client and database server safer. This article will show you how to enable HTTPS in the InfluxDB server. Set up HTTPS for InfluxDB with a self-signed

How to use Let’s Encrypt SSL in CentminMod? By default, this script does not enable Let’s Encrypt SSL. You know, Let’s Encrypt is a free tool that makes your website safer with SSL and is also rated better. CentminMod 123.09beta01 and Let’s Encrypt SSL This beta version is integrated with Let’s Encrypt SSL tool, but

Zimbra unable to start TLS: hostname verification failed. Have you ever faced this error. Its full content is “Unable to start TLS: hostname verification failed when connecting to ldap master.” This error occurs when you install multiple SSL certificates for multiple domains in Zimbra mail system. Recommended Reading: Install Let’s Encrypt certificate for new domain in

Install Let’s Encrypt certificate for new domain in Zimbra. Previously, I wrote an article about using certbot-zimbra. It is used to automatically install Let’s Encrypt SSL for Zimbra mail server. With that article, you can successfully do a completely new Zimbra mail server. But when you add a new mail domain to the server, you

This article will guide you how to convert SSL nginx cert to iis cert. Nginx cert and IIS cert Just like converting nginx cert to cert tomcat. Nginx uses the ssl format X.509 format, IIS uses the ssl format PFX format. Recommended Reading: How to convert SSL Nginx cert to Tomcat cert You need to convert

This article will guide you how to convert SSL Nginx cert to Tomcat cert. Nginx cert and Tomcat cert When you buy SSL cert for Nginx web server (or Apache), you usually get 3 files of the following type: STAR_domain.CERT.crt STAR_domain.PRIVATE.key STAR_domain.CA.key Nginx’s ssl cert file uses X.509 format. You can read more about it.