Some platform version control system uses GIT

SystemMen - Some platform version control system uses GIT. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the popular version code management platforms.

You have read about GIT, you have heard me write that your code will be saved to the cloud. So what is that cloud? Where is it?

Version code management platform

There are a number of companies, they build a service platform that allows you to create and store your code on their systems. At the same time, their service platform integrates using GIT, allowing you to manage your version source.

So what does that mean? This means that you can manage your version source code on their cloud system.

Some popular version code management platforms



some-platform-version-control-system-uses-git-01 Some platform version control system uses GIT
Github platform.

First, it is impossible not to mention Github. This is a long-standing platform and is used by many people. There are also many software companies that use this platform.

Github provides both free and premium accounts. You can use your free account for personal purposes.

In addition, Github cooperates with many Cloud and ISP companies, supporting students and teachers with the best learning environment. If you are a student, you can have a $ 50 — 150 account to use cloud services such as vps, storage … of companies like Amazon, Digital Ocean …



some-platform-version-control-system-uses-git-02 Some platform version control system uses GIT
Gitlab platform.

Gitlab can be considered as the next Github platform, there are many similarities between Github and Gitlab.

Like Github, Gitlab also provides free and commercial accounts.

However, Gitlab has many advantages and also integrates more technologies. At the moment, Devops is a “keyword” that is mentioned a lot. And Gitlab supports devops in the best way, it integrates CI/CD that allows you to test and run code quickly.

I personally prefer using Gitlab over Github.



some-platform-version-control-system-uses-git-03 Some platform version control system uses GIT
Bitbucket platform.

The third platform I want to talk about is Bitbucket. This is also a quite famous and popular platform.

There are many companies are using for a feature. It is Bitbucket supporting the group very well.

I haven’t had much experience with it, but some of my friends rated Bitbucket’s group support better than Github and Gitlab.

In the future, I might try to experience it.


Above, I have introduced you to 3 popular version source code management platforms. All 3 platforms support free account for your personal use. Choose a platform to start training with it.

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