What is GIT and Version Control System?

SystemMen - What is GIT and Version Control System? Today, I will introduce you to Version Control System and GIT. So what are these things?

What is Version Control System?

If you are a programmer, you are familiar with Version Control System (VCS). But if not, please ask the following questions to understand what VCS is.

Question 1: What will you do if your computer’s hard disk fails and your entire project code is gone?

VCS will solve that problem for you. Every time you write code, you commit and push the code on the cloud. Your code will be stored on the cloud, you no longer fear your hard disk is broken. Moreover, you can access your code from any computer, from anywhere with internet access, it’s helpful.

Question 2: How will you make many people, hundreds, and thousands of people work together on the project’s code?

If the code is only on your computer, that is almost impossible. But with VCS, your code is in the cloud and saved as repositories. The members who will fork your repositories and work, through the merge, the code will be completed by many members.

Question 3: What will you do if you want to rollback your code? Will you create multiple files and name the version for each file?

No, you will not be able to do so. Projects with hundreds of thousands of files are definitely not possible. With VCS, you can, the system will store your version code history. You can rollback to any version you want.

What is GIT?

what-is-git-and-version-control-system What is GIT and Version Control System?
GIT homepage — open source software distributing VCS.

First, I have to affirm: GIT is an open source software that distributes VCS.

What does it mean? That means you will use GIT to manage your version code.

Access the homepage of GIT.

Why should GIT be used?

Currently there are some other software like: SVN, Mercurial … but GIT can be considered the best among them.

Why, because it’s easy to learn and easy to use. At the same time, it is very well supported by the community.

Cloud products that support it are also better: Github, Gitlab, …


With this article, you can imagine which part of VCS and GIT. Why should we use GIT to manage our source code. In today’s continuous development environment, good management will help you grow faster.

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