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How to disable Nginx test page in CentminMod? By default, when you install CentminMod, it will create a Nginx test page. When you access the server’s IP address on the browser, it will display the HTML test page of CentminMod. Is this good? Let’s take a look. Why must disable Nginx test page in CentminMod?

How to remove demodomain.com in CentminMod? When you successfully install CentminMod, you will see that a pre-created domain is demodomain.com. Remove demodomain.com in CentminMod When I first used CentminMod, I didn’t know why there was this demo domain mail in my server. I don’t know what it is for. Is it a part of CentminMod

How to disable Pure-FTPD in CentminMod? Pure-FTPD is a service that allows you to create an FTP account on the server. This allows you to connect to the server via the FTP service. And you can upload or download data from the server to your computer easily. Why should we disable the Pure-FTPD service? If

How to change SSH port number in CentminMod? By default, Linux servers use port 22 for SSH service. This is a service for you to login and control your server. And of course, this is known to all hackers. Using that default configuration is not good, is not safe for your server. So you need

How to change non-www to www in CentminMod? During the operation of my blogs, I may have to move them several times between servers. Due to financial problems or internet speed problems. If your website is running https://www.yourwebsite.com and when you change server to CentminMod, it is changed to https://yourwebsite.com. What will you do? By

How to move WordPress site to new CentminMod hosting? You have just installed a new CentminMod server, you have a WordPress website running on the old server. Now, how will we transfer your website to the new server? Important note 1. You should read the article how to use Let’s Encrypt SSL in CentminMod that

How to use Let’s Encrypt SSL in CentminMod? By default, this script does not enable Let’s Encrypt SSL. You know, Let’s Encrypt is a free tool that makes your website safer with SSL and is also rated better. CentminMod 123.09beta01 and Let’s Encrypt SSL This beta version is integrated with Let’s Encrypt SSL tool, but

How to install CentminMod with PHP 7.3 in CentOS 7? This article will guide you to do that. Let’s start. CentminMod and PHP 7.3 At the time of this article, CentminMod has released the 123.09beta01 beta version. This version supports many things to make your hosting more powerful, including: Nginx 1.17.2 PHP 7.3.7 MariaDB 10.3.16