Introducing the Rocket Chat system

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SystemMen - Have you heard of Rocket Chat? What is it? This article will introduce to you about the Rocket Chat system.

Demand from companies

Many companies have employees who use Skype to chat with each other, send and receive job information.

It is a great tool. But there is a problem, information can be leaked by employees and completely unregulated.

For example, the company’s technology secret or a new software development. It can be completely taken out via tools like Skype.

In fact, companies have a need to build their own internal chat system. All chat information between employees will be stored on the company’s server and controlled by the admin.

This makes the company owner more reassured about the company’s information.

Skype also offers a solution to this problem, Skype Bussiness. However, this solution is quite expensive. And since then, Rocket Chat was born to solve this costly problem.

About Rocket Chat system

What is Rocket chat?

introducing-the-rocket-chat-system Introducing the Rocket Chat system
Introduce the Rocket Chat system.

Rocket Chat is a free, unlimited software that can replace chat solutions like Slack, Skype, …

It provides a full range of basic features of a chat system such as:

  • Support LDAP / AD authentication
  • Support SSO
  • Chat
  • Chat Group
  • Audio Call
  • Video Call

Deployment costs

Rocket Chat currently offers 3 rates as follows:

  • Community: free
  • Pro: $3/user monthly or $30/user annualy
  • Enterprise: tiered pricing and volume discount

See Rocket Chat’s price list.

For companies with about 5,000 employees, you can use the Community version without any problems. I even read the support of a company that has 150,000 employees and also uses the Community version.

Support server operating system

Rocket Chat supports installation on almost all types of Linux operating systems such as Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS, …

And especially, Rocket Chat supports you to install on Amazon Docker and cloud AWS.

See Server Installation section.

Support client operating system

Rocket Chat works fully on all user terminals included.

  • Website
  • Desktop application: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Mobile: Android and iOS


For a free price, this is a good internal chat system for companies. You can try downloading the docker version of Rocket Chat and experience it before deploying production.

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