How to check the Debian version

SystemMen - How to check the Debian version you are using? This article will guide you through a number of commands to check the Debian version. These commands are quite simple and easy to implement.

Commands to check the Debian version

Below, I will guide you through four commands to see what version you are using. In turn the commands are as follows.

how-to-check-the-debian-version-01 How to check the Debian version
Commands to check the Debian version.

Command number 1. This is the simplest command, displaying the main version information.

cat /etc/issue

With the above command, you can only know that you are running Debian 8 but do not know what version of 8. With the next command, you can know exactly where you are running Debian 8.10 (for example).

cat /etc/debian_version

This third command will display more complete information about the version of Debian that you are using.

cat /etc/os-release

The interesting thing about all three commands is that you just copy the file path and type in the browser to see the information. For example, with the third command, I would enter into the browser /etc/os-release, this is the OS informations of my computer.

how-to-check-the-debian-version-02 How to check the Debian version
Type the file path into browser to see Debian version.

And lastly, if you are using Debian version 8 or later, you can use hostnamectl (as seen in the image above) to display OS information.



Viewing the os version can be done very simply with the commands above. For desktop computers, you can see it in the browser, which is quite interesting and perhaps less noticeable.

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